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Where we believe every child is made for more

Who We Are

EDENation is a charity organisation that focuses on supporting and providing interventions for underprivileged children in Cape Coast, Ghana, who are unable to enjoy their educational rights to the fullest as a result of financial constraints, lack of motivation or disabilities. At EDENation, we believe that EVERY CHILD IS MADE FOR MORE.




To Educate

To Mentor

To Support

Why We Came

We believe that children are like seeds. They have the potential to grow into giant trees and bear fruits that others and their society can pluck of. Again, just like seeds when planted require nurturing and care to realise their fullest potentials, so does every child. Children are inherently made of so much MORE. Unfortunately, a significant population of children realise only so little of these. Why?

What We Do

We Intervene

We are focused on devising interventions which inspire the minds of our scholars to have aspirations that transcend the barriers which hinder them from realising their fullest potentials.

We Educate

Our programs include making education fun and entertaining for our scholars in a way that helps them to build their academic confidence and self-esteem. We provide extra tuition.

We Mentor

We give one-to-one mentoring, providing extra tuition, school enrolment, character values and leadership skills training are among the current interventions we employ.

We Support

We are committed to supporting our scholars to become leading examples and beacons of hope for other children within their communities by means of financial support.

Support Us

Help our scholars develop their potential. Give something today to support EDENation. It takes some few coins!

Our Volunteers

• I volunteered with EDENation because I love to teach. However, the experience of volunteering has made me understand it is not all about teaching but being a part of the life of those I teach. Again, I have had the best opportunity to network with other volunteers at EDENation and build my social confidence.
• EDENation has great scholars and I learn so much from them every day as I volunteer to support them. To me, EDENation has afforded me the opportunity to change the world in my own small way, because I believe changing the world starts with changing a person. I believe that EVERY CHILD IS MADE FOR MORE!
• I volunteered with EDENation because of the love and passion I have for children. The experience has been their educational affairs and impacting them socially through helping them to inculcate good moral behaviours. I enjoy helping to put smiles on their faces, because I believe that EVERY CHILD IS MADE FOR MORE!

Our Programs

During our teaching, Mentoring, Talent Development and Coaching program sessions: Volunteers help scholars identify and nurture their talent through positive feedback and providing guidance.

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